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    Winter Wedding Inspiration

    Lilli took on styling her all time favorite dress in the store.  (Well, or at least it’s this month’s all time favorite dress!) 🙂  When she was thinking about her favorite dress she immediately went to winter wedding.  When she went to winter wedding she immediately thought, well if you’re going to get married in the winter, you should really go for it!  So, enjoy the inspiration from our Margret gown and this extremely cool winter wedding!



    How cute would it be to have your guests cozy up with a blanket just for them at your winter wedding???

    How about some color choices?


    Now let’s pull the style together


    Time to add some decor


    Reception touches to bring it together


    Final details


    So would you do it?  Would you choose a winter wedding just to attempt to pull off this super sleek, super cool, elegant affair?  Yes it’s a risk, but isn’t any month a risk?  Let us know your thoughts.  And, as always, we are here for you and love a challenge, so if you are ready to style your look with intention, we can’t wait to walk that journey with you!


    P.S. Just because I know you really want to see it, how about the front AND back of this dress!

    Lilli's dress Sottero-and-Midgley-Wedding-Dress-Arleigh-7SW995-Back