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  • #adorestyle // Forest Wedding Inspiration

    This week Elle tackled styling a favorite dress of hers in the store.  As soon as she grabbed it she knew she wanted to go for an intimate, moody, forest wedding.  Hope you enjoy how this all comes together

    Overall concepts


    Altar Options


    Let’s check the color inspiration


    Reception inspiration

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    The style pulls it all together

    Elle's Insta - maids_FotorTux and shoesElle's Insta - Veil

    I am hoping that you are feeling the moodiness and intimacy as much as I did.  I  think Elle did a fantastic job pulling together this inspiration!  All of the dark colors are so on trend right  now but your wedding is not a place of darkness but one of so much light.  Elle was able to pull from that darkness and create an intimacy that overflows into the feelings of the style.

    Until next time – XOXO,




    And I know you want to see the front and back, so here it is, the inspiration for this style!

    JillianaJilliana BackJilliana close