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A note from the owner: When I was younger I wanted to be famous. Like I was that kid that when you asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up I would confidently say “A singer and actress.”  I was destined to be on the big screen and walk the red carpet. […]


Maybe you have been following some of our staff introductions on @adorebridals Instagram. Maybe this is your first time meeting our AMAZING staff! Either way, this is a great read to give you some insight about the friendly faces you will meet when you walk through the doors at Adore. If you read our last […]


When you type the phrase “wedding dress” into Google, you get 2,960,000,000 results. You could scroll through Pinterest for hours looking at dress after dress. The wedding dress shopping experience is exciting and like nothing you have ever done before. Unfortunately, it’s fairly easy to get overwhelmed. How much should you spend? How much weight […]


7 years ago I had a 4 year old, I had a 2 year old, I had been married for 7 years, I was finishing  my bachelors degree and I was getting ready to open the doors to Adore Bridal & Specialty. Man, 7 years. On days like today, when I am sitting at the […]


So, yesterday didn’t go as planned…… I went into the day with this very specific plan of how I was going to make the day function.  Let’s be honest I was treating myself like I do big 2 (my oldest children).  Doing the reward system.  Janice, if you sit down and get through all your emails. […]


5 years ago I left work after a typical day of having sat in my cubicle looking at bridal designers and thinking “Some day, when I am back in bridal….”  Well, that day was a little different.  That day as I headed out to my car for the 3 minute drive home my thinking had […]


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