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#adoreVIP | Nicole & Jason | At the Waterhouse

January 9, 2019

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What was the style inspiration for your wedding?

Modern rustic

What do you admire most about your husband?

His sense of humor

Tell us more about your wedding. Is there a great proposal story? How did you choose your location? Any DIY tips? What else would you want everyone to know about your wedding?

Save money by using as few vendors as possible. We used the same location for both the reception and ceremony, and the same vendor for florals and decorations. Costs were cut by using the Waterhouse’s tables, napkins, and chairs (who notices those, anyway?) and by not having a DJ- we had our party do the basic announcements and used Spotify for music, and people put songs into the playlist as they pleased. It was a blast!

What was your experience with Adore?

I am NOT a girly girl by any means. I’m neither thin nor even very pretty. The ladies at Adore still made me feel beautiful and were everything I needed for the dress process. It’s too bad you won’t be doing alterations anymore!

Are there any vendors that stood out to you as top notch? Who and Why?

The Waterhouse was absolutely perfect. The food was excellent and the event managers (Nyk and Carrie) handled every single second of the night with grace.

Are there any other vendors that we can give a shoutout to? Rentals? Linens? Cake? Videographer?

Create a Scene for florals, linens, and decorations and Hy-vee for cake

Photographer’s Name: Mitch Rose

Hair and Makeup: Identity Salon

Thank you for sharing your amazing day with us Nicole!


The Adore Staff



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