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#adoreVIP | Derick & Lacy | A Piano Wine Bar

November 21, 2018

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What was the style inspiration for your wedding?


What do you admire most about your husband?

His kind heart and those eyes!

Tell us more about your wedding. Is there a great proposal story? How did you choose your location? Any DIY tips? What else would you want everyone to know about your wedding?

My wedding was absolutely perfect…my very own fairy tale! At my husbands family lake, a piano wine bar, Hurts donuts instead of cake, my son as the best man and my brother married us…but the real story lies in his proposal!! My husband was a customer at the bank I work at. Every week, on the same day, he would come through our drive up window for a balance. One day he cane through got his balance and pulled away only to return a few moments later. I assumed I had forgotten something or done something wrong so got up to wait on him again..this is when he asked me on our first date! A year later on that same day of the week he did his same routine, but just a little different. He came through and got his balance and when I looked up he was at my drive up window again…said he forgot my lunch! I didn’t think much of this, took my lunch and started waiting on my next customer inside the lobby when I looked up my husband was standing behind the customer I was waiting on with a dozen roses and got down on his knee! He asked me to marry him right there in the bank where he first asked me out! He later told me that he thought this occasion took not only two, but three times around the bank! It was perfect!

What was your experience with Adore?

Wonderful! I felt more and more beautiful with every dress I tried on and when I found the ONE and she put my veil on I was in heaven…I was a bride!

Are there any vendors that stood out to you as top notch? Who and Why?

Adore, of course! Henn House BBQ, Hurts Donuts, D Studios and Cooks and Company (my flowers were top notch)

Who did your hair and make up?

V & E

Are there any other vendors that we can give a shoutout to? Rentals? Linens? Cake? Videographer?

Made with love bakery who designed our special cake and Cooks rental (beautiful tent and dance floor)

Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day Lacy!


The Adore Staff


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