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#adoretip | Bridal Beauty Routine

December 14, 2018

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You have spent hours deciding on a venue, picking out the perfect invites, and meeting with the caterer. You have said yes to the most gorgeous dress with all the perfect accessories to match. You have spent hours scrolling through Pinterest finding the perfect DIY decor. With all this going on, its easy to forget about one of the most important things to take care of; YOU! Our favorite beauty tips below will help every bride get her needed dose of TLC to feel absolutely flawless on her big day.

Beautiful Hands and Feet

People will probably be looking at your left hand more than they ever have or ever will in your life! This is a great thing as you want to show off that gorgeous ring, but consider applying some olive oil to your hands and feet before bed to keep them from drying out. Consider bathing with a pumice stone to help scrap off any remaining dry skin. Treat yourself to a mani or pedi often. Planning is stressful, so this is the best way to unwind and keep yourself looking polished.



Consider splurging on facials with skin professionals in the months leading up to your wedding. We are loving the microcurrent facial as they help lift the facial muscles and depuff the face. However, if facials are not a good fit for you, there are lots homemade scrubs found on Pinterest that will do the trick. We recommend one made of rice flour, whole wheat flour, or a mixture of both. Click this link for one of our personal favs.

CTM- Maintain that GLOW

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing should be done regularly without fail. This will help keep your skin glowing and youthful. First, clean to open your pores. Follow up with toning to help tighten pores which will help with lines on the face. Last, moisturize to lock in moisture keeping your skin soft and smooth.  Depending on the time of year, it isn’t a bad idea to buy a moisturizer that has some sun protection in it to prevent burns, over-dried skin, and peeling.

Brighten your Smile

With this beauty trick, there are a few options. If you have more sensitive teeth or want a professional’s help, we recommend heading to your local dentist office to get your teeth professionally whitened. However, we have seen great results from store bought solutions. One of  our favorites are Crest 3D whitening strips. Remember to find balance as you don’t want your teeth looking unnatural in your wedding photos!

Eat Healthy

If you can help it, stay away from foods high in sugar and sodium. Also, try to limit the amount of processed foods you eat each day. This tip may be one of the most challenging, but a healthy diet can improve many things like sleep, weight loss, skin, energy, hair, and even your mood. Drink lots of water to eliminate body toxins. Don’t let this ruin your planning process by skipping out on the cake tasting to avoid calories, but find a good balance between daily food choices and an occasional splurge!

Get Active

There are lots of options for this tip. Grab some of your bridesmaids and head to the gym. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Sign up for a exercise class like yoga, Zumba, or kick-boxing that you wouldn’t normally do. Take a dance class with your fiancé. The most important thing is do not save extreme exercise to loose weight for a few weeks before the wedding. This is rarely effective and adds unneeded stress to your big day. Since you will look BEAUTIFUL no matter what, we recommend getting active as a way to release stress and feel confident rather than dropping a number goal.

Take your Sleep Seriously

Make it a priority to make get a goods night rest consistently at LEAST the month leading up to the wedding. Stresses are high before the wedding, so rest can make a huge difference. Also, sleep helps with any healthy lifestyle changes or weight-loss goals! Decide what things are keeping you from a solid 8-hours of shut-eye. Whether its late night Insta scrolling or caffeine before bed, make the appropriate changes to ensure you get your needed sleep.

Get your Hair Camera Ready

A few months before your wedding isn’t the time to experiment with color. Depending on your timeframe, work with your stylist a few months in advance to practice the exact look you want for your big day. This way, you and your stylist can do some minor touch-ups a few weeks before the wedding. If you want to tame any frizz, go for an in-salon Keratin Treatment about a month out. This is great to keep your hair looking flawless in humid, destination weddings or honeymoons.


You’ve got the tips. Now, its time to relax and take some much needed time to for you!

If you loved these tips, I know you are going to love more wedding planning tools that The Wedding Wire provides here:

They have great tools like planning out your seating chart and getting a budget together! Enjoy!


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