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  • #adorerealbride // Emilee & Tyler // School Yard Love

    School yard love

    I started reading Emilee and Tyler’s story and had to go back and reread it.  It started at school and it has this just super cute undertones that make you immediately think about high school sweethearts.  But no!  It was their first day of teaching that they met!

    Tyler and I are both teachers. He teaches special education at the high school, and I teach first grade. We both happened to be hired the same year, and we first met at a beginning of the school year barbecue. The next day he went to see his cousin who lives near us and told her that after meeting me at the barbecue he knew he was going to marry me one day. We just happened to sit next to each other at the institute days before school started, and I noticed him walking by my room quite a bit during the first few days of school. One day, after school, he walked into my room and asked me face to face if I would go on a date with him. =)


    The proposal

    Proposals don’t have to be extravagant.  They just have to be from the heart.  Some of my favorites are ones like this.  Where they take an ordinary event and make it extraordinary.  And how cute he is that he knew how nervous he would be so he wrote notes! <3

    Tyler coaches basketball and had just gotten done with the season. He always helps me carry all my teacher bags out to my car at the end of the day, and at the end of the day on Friday we were walking out to my car. We aren’t really planners when it comes to date night, so I asked Tyler what he wanted to do that evening, and to my surprise, he said I already have it planned. You’re coming over for dinner.

    Even though I was surprised he had made a decision, I was glad that he just wanted to stay in and I was looking forward to just relaxing after a long week. I went home and instead of getting ready, I put on my yoga pants and a sweatshirt and was just about to leave when my mom said, “You’re wearing that tonight?” I was a little caught off guard because usually my mom doesn’t question things like that, but I told her we were just hanging out at Tyler’s house, so I didn’t need to get dressed up. She didn’t make a big deal of it, and I almost forgot about it until I pulled up to Ty’s house and saw him grilling on the porch with jeans and a polo on.

    Now, I have never see Tyler lounge in an outfit like that. He wears a cutoff and basketball shorts any chance he gets. So I immediately felt underdressed, but tried to shake it off. I remembered that he had told me earlier in the week that he had a meeting in Peoria about all-conference players, and I had the fleeting thought of how funny it would be if he had actually been picking out a ring.

    Again, I let it go, until I walked in the house and saw he had the table set with candles and music playing. I tried not to read too much into it, and I asked what we were having for dinner. Usually we order pizza if we stay in on Friday, but he told me we were having steak, homemade mashed potatoes, bread, and salad. My favorite meal!

    He asked if I would put the bread in the oven while he was finishing the steaks, and I told him I wouldn’t mind at all! In the meantime, I pulled my nail polish out of my purse and painted my nails while I was waiting on the bread. We finally sat down at the table with our plates full, and I noticed that Ty was just sitting there. I didn’t want to be the first one to dig in, so I asked if he was ready to eat. He told me he was, and we both picked up our silverware.

    I had just started cutting into my steak when he said , “Hold on.” As I looked up, he got out of his seat, got down on his knee and reached into his pocket. He had written out what he wanted to say, and I remember thinking that I couldn’t wait for him to finish so I could say yes! It was a whirlwind to say the least!! After we sat back down, I think it finally set in and I couldn’t help but cry, which was a new experience for me…I had never cried happy tears before! It definitely surprised Tyler. He asked what was wrong and I said, “I don’t know! I’m just so so happy!” I was hardly even hungry after all the excitement, but we finished eating, and then went over to my parents’ house to tell them the good news. It was by far one of my favorite days!


    On to the planning

    I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  Yes, I love it for the plethora of ideas you can get, but it can be so hard when sometimes those ideas just can’t become reality.  Emilee experienced some of those same feelings.

    I am extremely organized and for the most part I knew exactly what I wanted, but the problem was that sometimes what I really wanted wasn’t available or was too outrageously expensive. So I think my least favorite part was having to adjust my expectations when I didn’t want to. I’m sure all brides go through this! By far, my favorite part was picking out my dress. I had been dreaming of that moment since I was old enough to remember. Whenever I went dress shopping, I never had trouble picking out my favorite, and my wedding dress was no exception. My dress was the first one I tried on, and I absolutely loved it!! I felt like I owed it to myself to try all different styles of dresses just to be sure. But in the back of my mind I knew I would come back to the first dress, my dress! I think I knew for sure when my friends and family came with me to my appointment. Their reactions told me that it was the one!


    The important parts to the wedding

    I love it when a bride does just make choices in her wedding but there is a reason behind them.  They are intentional choices.  Choices that have meaning and a lasting impact.  Emilee had a few of those choices that I thought were so special.

    My family has been attending St. Peter’s since they settled in this area a hundred years ago, and many generations of Meinholds (my mom’s maiden name) have gotten married there. I always dreamed of having getting married there, and I am proud to continue the tradition. It is an absolutely beautiful church, and I couldn’t have asked for a better ceremony location. Our reception was at The Chateau in Bloomington, IL. We chose The Chateau because of its French antique style, and that was the exact feel I wanted! I loved the old, romantic feel of the ornate décor.

    I didn’t wear any specific memento, but I had many special things woven into the day, both purposely and as a surprise! My dad’s side has gone through quite a few losses in the past 4 years. I’ve lost an uncle, two aunts, my grandmother, and my younger cousin, and I wanted to share this day with them, so we had a memory table at our reception with pictures of all of our loved ones who couldn’t be there to share in our celebration. My mom’s cousin and great aunt surprised me that day when my mom’s cousin wore a dress that my great grandma wore to my grandparent’s wedding. It was so special to all of our family. Also, my grandma LeBaube LOVED fancy shoes, so I picked out a pair of Badgley Mischka shoes that would have made her proud!


    The wedding day

    I asked Emilee a couple questions about some key moments in her wedding day, and this is how it went: 🙂


    Describe that first look moment when you and your man saw each other for the first time.

    It was emotional to say the least! We wanted to wait to see each other until I was walking down the aisle, and I am so very happy we did! I was already feeling very emotional walking with my dad, and I must say it was very hard to hold back tears when I saw Tyler, but looking into his eyes gave me just the strength I needed! That was a moment I will never forget.

    Were the vows filled with emotion, or simply filled with joy (or a terror that you would mess up the words!)?

    I would say that our vows were filled with joy! Poor Tyler had one mistake because our Pastor gave him quite a bit to repeat! I was so nervous up to that point, but that really lightened the mood, and I was really able then to focus on the meaning of what I was saying rather than just repeating the words!

    First kiss, I have to know, were you able to live in the moment as a brand new husband and wife or self conscious of all the people watching?

    I was really nervous thinking about this moment before the wedding, but once I walked through the doors it was like Tyler and I were the only people there. I think it’s safe to say we were both able to live in the moment!

    How was the first dance, not just with you and your man, but any other family moments?

    For our first dance, Tyler and I chose “Better Together” by Jack Johnson, and I really think it was the perfect song. Because it was a lighter song, we were able to really enjoy the moment and talk and laugh with each other during the dance. My father-daughter dance was a little more emotional….my dad chose “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman, and it was such a special dance because the lyrics just flooded us both with so many memories that I will always cherish from my childhood.


    The people that made it happen

    When I asked Emilee if there were any particular vendors that stood out that really made her wedding day be the best it could be, she did not hold back!  There are quite a few people that were standouts for her!

    My florist, Lindsey Dailey, did an amazing job. Like I said, she just got my vision for the day without me having to give her too many guidelines. I totally and completely trusted her, and I can’t say how amazing that was!

    I also want to highlight my photographer, Stacey Rohman. She captured our day absolutely perfectly. Our wedding photos are just beyond beautiful, and on top of that, she was so much fun to work with! She really made the whole photo process seems so easy and fun. Even the groomsmen had fun!

    Finally, I want to highlight the fabulous ladies who came to do our hair and makeup from The Hair Shoppe. My stylist, Katie Rohman, has my complete trust, and I had no doubts that she and the rest of the team would make us look fabulous, and she did! I was so confident, we didn’t even to a hair trial. We had so much fun getting ready, and I know that is all owed to all of the girls’ skill because we didn’t have to worry about a thing!

    Really all of our vendors were amazing, and helped make our day so perfect!


    My two favorite things

    I love being able to ask brides open ended questions.  Just tell me about: And I LOVE marriage and I LOVE LOVE! 🙂  So when I got a chance to ask Emilee what she admires most about her husband and simply one last question about her wedding I got the answers from her that make me smile the most.

    What I admire most about Tyler is his loyalty and love for family. We both come from very large extended families, and I absolutely love that he enjoys spending time with family as much as I do. I think it shows a lot about his character. I know he will be a great father when the time comes!

    Our whole day was filled with so many special moments, but some of my favorites were at our reception because we were really able to focus on the celebration! We did an anniversary dance, and the last two couples on the dance floor with us were my mom’s parents and Tyler’s mom’s parents. It was so special to see such wonderful examples of lasting love.

    We finished the reception with the song “American Pie,” which is a tradition in Ty’s family. Everyone at the reception makes a circle, and we danced in the middle. It was such a special moment to literally be surrounded by our loved ones who were having just as much fun as we were! I think it’s safe to say that our wedding day is our favorite day ever!

    We couldn’t have made it to that day without the constant love and support of our family and friends, and of course our God, and for that we will forever be thankful!


    Final thoughts

    Emilee, you got yourself a good one, and Tyler you chose well!  I see so much of a servants heart in your responses and in the way you respond to each other.  Keep reminding yourself about that love and admiration you have for each other.  Tyler, keep loving your wife and Emilee keep finding ways to show Tyler that admiration you have for him!

    Until next time – XOXO,






    All images by the incredibly talented Stacey Rohman Photography