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January 1, 2019

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When you type the phrase “wedding dress” into Google, you get 2,960,000,000 results. You could scroll through Pinterest for hours looking at dress after dress. The wedding dress shopping experience is exciting and like nothing you have ever done before. Unfortunately, it’s fairly easy to get overwhelmed. How much should you spend? How much weight should you loose? How many appointments should you schedule? Will you and your mom ever agree? Annndddddd this is where Adore comes in. Let us walk along side you during this process. Allow our staff to do the work, and take care of these hard questions with a shopping experience unlike any other.

1) We do our homework.

Before you even step foot into our store, we have dresses that you will LOVE waiting and ready for you. In fact, don’t be surprised if you end up saying yes to the first dress we put you in. Why? Because we do our homework. We get to know you and your style as soon as you book an appointment through an online survey. Then, we schedule a time to chat, so we can learn more about exaclty what you are looking for. We even LOVE to send our brides a few sneak peaks of dresses on Snapchat before their appointment. By the time you come to your appointment, we already know you and your style! Therefore, we understand how we can best serve you. So, let us do the work. Stop searching through thousands of results on Google or scrolling through unavailable wedding dresses on Pinterest. Our staff is committed to helping you narrow your search from the moment you book your appointment.

2) You won’t fall in love with something outside your budget.

That wedding dress on Pinterest may be beautiful, but it could also be WAY over budget. One of the worst things is loving something you can’t have. Again, this is where Adore comes in. We have a closed stock. In other words, all our wedding dresses can only be accessed by our staff. Why does this help your budget? Because our staff will respect the price-point that you want to stay with-in. We won’t show you anything above your price range without your approval. None of your guests can pressure you into trying something out of budget. You also can’t overlook a price tag and end up accidentally trying on something over-budget. As we stated before, we do our homework. Before you come in, we will have options ready within your budget, and all the dresses you try on during your appointment will also be within your budget. Because of this unique set-up, you can find a dress you adore at a price that you are comfortable with.

3) You will feel beautiful in the size you are NOW.

A lot of brides want to shed a few pounds before their big day. As women, there are often many things that we don’t love about our bodies. Many of these things, no one else would ever notice, but we know they’re there. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get in-shape before your wedding, the Adore staff is committed to making you feel beautiful in the body you have right NOW. Whether it’s our size inclusive sample gowns or the structure of our dresses, we want to make you feel less like a girl in pretty dresses and more like a beautiful bride. We want to encourage you throughout this process to not compare yourself to the models on Google or the edited pictures on Pinterest, but rather encourage you to see yourself in the way that your fiancé sees you. Plus, if you love yourself in a dress NOW, you are only going to love it more as you become more confident in your body. Maybe this confidence is from reaching your weight loss goal or maybe its just from seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes.

4) We put the bride first.

Through the chaos of dress shopping, it can be easy to lose focus on what you really love. Maybe you are trying to please a close family member. Maybe you have heard too many opinions from others of what they think you look best in. Maybe you have tried on too many dresses and you forgot what you were looking for in the first place. Let our staff listen and guide you to a dress that is what YOU love. Relax and let us do the work. Let us ask questions and bring you dresses with the qualities you are asking for. You don’t need to sort through a bunch of white dresses on hangers. We know our dresses and how they fit on a body. Let us pick out that perfect lace fit-and-flare with just the right amount of bling for you, or maybe let us pick out a beaded ballgown with a show-stopping train for you. The key works here are “us” for “YOU”.

5) It’s all right here.

Did you know 3 out of 4 of our brides find there dress their first time shopping with us? It’s totally normal to fall in love with a dress at your first appointment. Perhaps, it might even be the first dress you put on (remember we do our homework). We have the perfect veil, headpiece, and jewelry to complete your bridal look. Not to mention we are here to help style your girls with hundreds of bridesmaid choices! Also, we have this super easy tux rental process, so ask us about that for your dudes. The main idea here is that we want to make this easy for you. We want to help style your day from start to finish. From your look to your fiancé’s look. From the moment you book your appointment to the moment you pick up your dress the week of your wedding.

6) We’re gonna have fun!

If you have seen our #inmyfeelingschallenge, you know we like to have fun…if you haven’t click here. This is such an exciting time in your life, so let’s celebrate! Let’s keep it stress-free and #goodvibesonly. While our staff is serious about finding your dress, we are also ALL about a serious good time. We are ready to laugh with you. Encourage you. Make a cute boomerang with you. Just have fun!

Overall, Google and Pinterest are great for so many things. When it comes to wedding dress shopping, Adore does it better. It’s that simple. We are SO excited to welcome you into our #adorerealbride family and give you a shopping experience you simply cannot get anywhere else. Adore your dress and adore your shopping experience; we are ready to serve you.




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