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#adoretip // Destination Weddings

July 11, 2018

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What do you think of when you hear the phrase “destination wedding?”

{{Photo by Kristi Lee}} Cancuun

If that phrase automatically gives you visions of white, sandy beaches and groomsmen in khaki pants, please raise your hand.  (It’s fine. This is a safe space).

While it is true that many beautiful destination weddings are held on beaches, these two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

{{Photo by Elsie Stoller}} Pheonix, Arizona

Recently, I was talking with my soon-to-be sister-in-law who is in the midst of planning her wedding this year.  During our conversation, I told her I just didn’t see her as a “traditional bride.”

“Yeah, I’m not,” she said, “ but I also don’t feel like I fit the mold of ‘destination bride’ either.”  

{{Photo by Meredith Washburn}} Iceland

It took a moment before I realized she thought “destination” automatically meant “beach wedding.”  We laughed at this realization and suddenly a flood of other possibilities came to our minds. I told her I could totally see her getting married in the mountains. She mentioned that she would love to do something really tropical instead of “beach-y.” There are so many more options that had never crossed her mind!

{{Photo by Becca Neblock}} Iceland

This conversation got me thinking. Do brides and grooms-to-be fully realize that there are other “destination wedding” options other than a beach wedding?  

In order to get the scoop on destination wedding, I spoke with Angee Shields from Vacations with a Flair. She told me that most of their clients don’t end up choosing a beach for their destination wedding. Her list of examples was quite impressive, including options such as in a rainforest, in a garden, on a private terraces, on a rooftop overlooking the water, on a private island, on a yacht in the Caribbean, at an Irish Castle, at an Italian villa, and in a ballroom with a huge balcony. The possibilities seemed endless!

“My recommendations are always specific to the couple I’m working with,” Angee said. “Depending on their desires, destination weddings can save the couple money.  In many cases, I am able to help couples get free air, a free stay, free private parties and more.”

Those sound like great incentives to me!     

So if you’re feeling stuck between having your wedding in a more “traditional venue” or on a beach, remember, this is your day. Your destination wedding can be whatever (and wherever) you want it to be. Sandy beaches, optional.

{{Photo by Stephanie Fischer}} Boulder, CO

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