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#adoretip | Love at First Look

May 24, 2018

Love at first look

Love at first sight.  You can almost hear the music start to swell as you and your love lock eyes for the very first time.

Okay, sure, that mostly only happens in movies. And for many engaged couples, that’s not quite how their story begins. (We’re looking at you, “friend-zone”)

As your wedding day gets closer and your to-do list starts to grow, it might be easy to overlook something as simple as the very moment when your future husband sees you in your wedding dress for the very first time.

Your love story might not have started with “love at first sight,” but this wedding day moment is a chance to capture “love at first look.” And this time, you get to plan it however you would like.

To do this, it’s helpful to decide what kind of moment you want your “first look” to be, public or private.  It’s also helpful to consider if, how or what you want your photographer to capture.

Here comes the bride

When it comes to “first looks,” the more traditional option (and what is often portrayed in movies) is when your future husband sees you for the first time as you walk down the aisle.

If you and your fiance decide this is the kind of “first look” you want,  deciding this early on in the planning phase will be helpful to your photographer as it will shape what kind of photos can be done before the ceremony and what has to wait until afterwards. For couples doing this traditional “first look,” your photographer will focus on photos of you with your bridesmaids and the groom with his groomsmen beforehand, but a large majority of the photos will have to wait until later in the day. The time between the ceremony and the reception will be more schedule, but this option leaves you with the possibility of a relaxing morning or extra time to get ready.

This being said, there is still the opportunity to “meet” before the the ceremony without actually seeing one another.  Whether that’s exchanging letters, gifts or saying a prayer together, all of this can be captured beautifully by your photographer. This still leaves the emphasis on your “first look” on that very moment when you step into the aisle and your groom sees you for the first time.

Moreover, this option might be a good fit for you if you’re not overly worried about getting a lot of photos from this particular part of your day.  Even if your photographer has a second shooter, this “first look” happens within a very small window of time and your photographer team won’t be able to capture this moment from every angle. But you will get to experience this moment fully in the moment.

There are also emotions to consider. This is your happy day and while you and your husband might be crying tears of joy, not every couple is comfortable doing that in front of everyone they know.  True, your friends and family will hopefully see this climactic moment of vulnerability as beautiful, but the possibility of publicly crying may cause you or your husband added anxiety. If that stresses you out, let’s look at option two and leave the publicly weeping option to your Great Aunt Elma.

One, two, three…

If having your “first look” on the aisle is too much social pressure for you, plan to “sneak” away with your groom before the ceremony for a more intimate moment. While this option isn’t as “traditional,” it has quickly become the norm for couples who want to get a majority of their photos taken before the celebration begins.  This “first look” happens at a prearranged time and it is usually just the couple and the photographer. The groom is stationed with his back towards his bride and when given the signal, he turns around. If amazing photos from your “first look” is important to you, this might be the option for you.

Plus, this version of the “first look” is fairly unstructured and you and your groom could potentially have a few extra moments together alone before everything really gets underway. From a photographer stand point, this option will make your schedule more “front heavy.” This means that a lot of your photos are done right away. While this option will make the first part of your day busier, it will leave you plenty of time between the ceremony and the reception for you and your new husband to enjoy a leisurely cocktail hour. Cheers to that.

Secret Option 3

Overall, what really matters most is how you and your partner want to capture this moment together.  The moment you see each other on your wedding day can be crafted however you want. Take [BRIDE] and [GROOM]’s first look for example. [BRIDE] made absolute sure her future husband would not forget this moment by surprising him with a T-rex costume.

Yep. That’s right. A T-rex costume.

On Halloween, a friend of mine came to our office party dressed in a giant, inflatable T-Rex costume,” [BRIDE] told us. “As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it for my first look. My (now) husband and I like to keep things light and fun, and I thought this would be a perfect way to take some of the pressure off on what can be a stressful day. He had no clue  I was planning this, and his reaction was priceless. People are surprised to learn I was all made up under there. Luckily, my Adore dress wasn’t big or poofy, otherwise I’m not sure I would have pulled it off!”

Whether you want to go the more traditional route, have a private moment or something completely different, remember there is no right or wrong way to fall in love at first look.  

And if you want to surprise your future spouse by showing up in a dinosaur costume, that’s totally up you.


Just wait until you see this whole wedding featured on the next #adorerealbride post!


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