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#adorerealbride | Jill & Noah | Romantic, Peoria, IL Wedding

May 17, 2018

Jill & Noah’s romantic Peoria, IL wedding is on the blog today. I seriously swoon when I read about their engagement story. And wait for it…he wrote a song for Jill on their wedding day. It’s got all the feels. But let’s hear what Jill has to say about her day:

What was the style inspiration for your wedding?

 My mother and grandmother both had long-sleeved lace dresses. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I also wanted a long sleeved lace dress! Before I came into Adore for my appointment, I found my dress online. I just knew it could be the perfect dress for me. I only had my mom with me for the big moment. When I got to fall in love and say “yes” to the very first wedding dress I tried on!

What was a special memory from your wedding day?

My first look with my husband! When he turned around to see me in my dress for the first time, seeing the look on his face… I have never felt so beautiful and so loved in my entire life!! It was the most joyful moment I have ever experienced. To know that this first look was just the beginning of our lives together! Then, we got to sit alone together for a few minutes, and he actually played and sang a song that he wrote just for me. Wow, it was just the perfect beginning to a perfect day of loving and celebrating each other!

What do you admire most about your husband?

Noah is an optimist, he’s a dreamer, he’s a leader, and he brings SO much to my life that I would not have without him. He leads me and encourages me to live with the character of Jesus, and to spread the joy that we have to everyone around us. Noah is incredibly talented, (he wrote a song for me and sang it to me right after our first look!), and lives with a boldness and kindness that just draws people in and makes them feel loved and appreciated! He’s my better half and I love him dearly!

Tell us more about your wedding. Any DIY tips?

All of my bridesmaids live in other cities/states, and we were definitely wanted to stick to a budget, so I actually did 100% of the planning and preparing, with my mom to help with what she could! It got to be overwhelming a few times, because most all of the decorations were DIY and I just planned them out ahead of time, waiting for the week of the wedding so that I could have my bridesmaids and family there to help bring all the details together… but it was honestly so much fun just to get to do everything from scratch, and knowing that even though I started out a minimalist, with a very simple decorating taste, I got to learn so much by experimenting and crafting! And EVERYTHING turned out perfect and exactly how my fiancé and I always dreamed it would look!

What else would you want everyone to know about your wedding?

My tip for future brides: Even if there is something missing from your day, it really does not need to make your day any less of an incredible experience!! There were so many things that I am so glad I said “no” to doing for my day, and each one of those things was one less thing to stress about and worry about it going smoothly! Our wedding favors were Christmas ornaments from Hobby Lobby (box of 50 for $20!), with hand written name cards (by his grandma) with the table numbers, and a thank you written by us! Less than $100 total! And, one thing I learned is that I was the only one that would have ever noticed if some things didn’t go as planned, because the other 200 people that were there were just SO happy to be there for us, and they would have loved celebrating with us, regardless of how extravagant the decorations and details were!! The amount of time and money that I was willing to invest in decorations was exactly enough, and there was absolutely nothing missing! So, enjoy the process, be comfortable with what you’re spending, and be proud of yourself for all you’ve put into the planning process, and just ENJOY EVERY MINUTE!!!

What was your experience with Adore?

I loved Adore! They were so helpful, in giving me tips and ideas so that I could come into my appointment having a good idea of what I wanted to try on, so that they could help me find the dress of my dreams. As I said earlier, I found the dress on one of your Pinterest pages, and knew from the beginning that it was going to be MY dress!! I tried it on first, and was sold in about 3 seconds!! 🙂

Are there any vendors that stood out to you as top notch? Who and Why?

Schilling Photography! They are AMAZING to work with. The team helped me make the itinerary for the wedding day. Worked out details with me so that we could have plenty of time to get everywhere on time and get all of our pictures done with time to spare in between and relax with our families and friends! They got every single shot perfectly, and didn’t miss any of the fun details of the day. They were so kind and polite and I always felt comfortable with them around! We would recommend them a million times over. Le Fleur did our bouquets, and I just loved them. The colors on our mid-December wedding day were just incredible, and with Schilling’s incredible photography skills, you would NOT know it was December! Family/bridal party gifts were all from of Etsy and Yankee Candle personalized candles, and decorations were courtesy of many, many, many Hobby Lobby runs! 🙂 Those weekly sales are every bride’s dream!
Jill, Thank you so much for sharing your wedding story with us!!
Talk soon!

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