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#adorerealbride // Corrie & Scott // Gorgeous Winter Wedding

February 21, 2018

Corrie has always have loved dresses with sleeves since her wedding was in the winter. “Think Princess Kate (or more embarrassing Anne Hathaway’s dress in Princess Bride 2)” she says. But when she found a sleeveless dress and realized she could get detachable sleeves she was ecstatic. THEN, learning she could customize them further by making them 3/4 length she was sold. She loved the way she was able to have 2 totally different looks for my day with just 1 dress.

And it’s the perfect week to feature Corrie because her dress is from our FEATURED DESIGNER this month. Maggie Sottero!!

Tell me about the most special memory of your wedding day.

So many memories, it is hard to choose just one. One thing that does stand out is I have been dreaming of my wedding for many years and been a bridesmaid in many weddings over the years so I had a pretty detailed picture in my mind of what I wanted for that day. And seeing all my dreams become a reality was more than I could have imagined even down to the guy that was totally worth the 37 year wait.

So now, about that dress, tell us what that most important thing was for you and how your time was at Adore.

Adore was amazing to work with. On the first visit they really make you feel special. I loved that everyone who came with me could sit on the circle couch and had a great view to see the dresses I was trying on. The ability to open the curtain and reveal each dress made me feel like I was on a tv show. Once I found my dress, they really helped make my vision a reality. Starting with the fitted dress with a little flare and adding in the sleeves and then altering the sleeves to make them 3/4 length vs full length. Then when I brought in a sweater I planned to use as a cover up they helped me to find a clip that dressed up the sweater and went perfectly with my vision. When looking for bridesmaid dresses they were trialling a new program that sent me a link to view options prior to our appointment and the dresses were waiting for us when we arrived. They even worked with my bridesmaid who was in California to make sure she had the right size.


The proposal…well it happened as we were getting ready for a garage sale. I had spent the day going though belongs and packing them up to take to my sisters. It then began to storm and I hate driving in the rain so he offered to drive me. On the way, he wanted to stop for ice cream at Culver’s, so we stopped in Morton. Once he got his ice cream he parked at WALMART! I was so annoyed and tried to remain patient as he “enjoyed his root beer float.” After he finished his ice cream and we were still sitting in the Walmart parking lot I finally asked with a bit of annoyance if we could go. As I was snapping at him he told me I was impatient and I turned to him (not to be nice) and there he was holding a ring. I was speechless! And of course said yes! Not your typical romantic story but so memorable and perfect for us! The other thing about my wedding was I planned a December wedding really hoping for a winter wonderland. I had planned evergreens and pine cones and really was praying for snow. I mean how beautiful would those pictures be. Of course, the day of the wedding it was 60 degrees and sunny. Which is really amazing weather for December but not when you want snow. But I was prepared, I mean we live in Illinois the weather rarely cooperates. So I purchased a snow machine for our church exit! And it was amazing. I love all the pictures that were captured by the photographer and the guests.

Are there any vendors that stood out to you that brought your day to the next level?

I worked with so many amazing vendors! Lauren Anderson Photography captured the day for us in pictures which will allow us to remember the day for ever. David Price Photography did our video and was so reasonably prices and I love the short montage of the day, it is a priceless 5 minutes. Mike and Carrie were our DJ and the dance floor was packed all night long, they really know how to engage the crowd. The cake Barb from the Wedding Cake Connection made was delicious and beautiful. My flowers were exactly what I wanted Marilyn’s BowK took my pictures and turned them into beautiful arrangements for such a reasonable price. And finally the Itoo Hall was amazing to work with from food to decorating to doing what they could to make the day special for us. I don’t have a single complaint for any of my vendors!! And they were all so professional and easy to work with.

Thanks for sharing a bit about your day, Corrie!  And can we take just a minute to acknowledge how amazing you looked! Lauren Anderson Photography took all the pictures and really did an incredible job.

Until next time – XOXO,

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