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#adorerealbride // Hayley & Matt // Family and Friends

October 23, 2017

Haley and Matt’s story is a little different for me than some others.  Why?  Because my husband is actually the one who married them and we got the joy of walking through premarital counseling with them.  These two are seriously some of my favorite human beings.  And when we would get together there were so many similarities in their personalities and the way they function together as with my husband and me.  So, it became such a blessing to share our story, or successes and our shortcomings with them.  So, take just a minute to enjoy these two beautiful people and their beautiful day!

What was the most special memory from your wedding day?

It’s so hard to pick the most special memory from your wedding day, but if I had to pick one, it would be being surrounded by people who love me and those who truly cared about my day. There were some faux pas that came up on the morning of the wedding decor wise, but my dad and his best friend as well as my florist and a close family friend and our cake vendor worked their butts off to make sure my day ended up beautiful, and it ended up being even more beautiful than I had pictured it. I also loved getting ready with my mom, sisters, and close friends and to be able to take photos with my husband, family, and friends. We dismissed our guests from their seats, and I loved being able to give each of them a hug but then turn around and dance the night away with them. I also planned my wedding on my own (with a huge amount of help from my family, of course), so it was exciting to see everyone enjoy and compliment the work I had put into it and to be able to enjoy it with them.unnamed-13

Tell us more… is there a great proposal story? How did you choose the location? Any DIY tips? What else do you want to share about your wedding?

I could write paragraphs and paragraphs about our proposal story, but the short version is that even though no one can ever pull surprises over on me, I had no idea I was getting engaged even when I walked in and saw roses and candles in a circle in the building where my husband first saw me. When it came to choosing our venue, all I knew is that I didn’t want a standard ballroom. I wanted a pretty blank slate that had more of a warm and welcoming environment rather than an “over the top” and formal feel (even though I know ballrooms don’t always have to look that way.) I was just looking for something different and unique. My DIY tips would be that it’s not for everyone; some people can DIY some aspects but not others, and that’s okay; and that it really is a lot of work. A lot of my wedding was DIY in a way. We had our invitations mostly done for us, but my mom and I assembled them. I made my own wedding programs. My mom and I made all of the signage ourselves. My father in law built our altar, and my father built our ceremony backdrop. I also bought/borrowed/found all of the decor and then designed the set ups myself. I love decorating and designing, but even so, it was a lot of work and took a lot of time to get it to where I wanted it to be, so just know there will be stressful times, but it can also be really fun and very satisfying when it all comes together.

What was your experience with Adore Bridal?

I personally came in on National Bridal Sale Day, so I did not get the “normal” Adore experience, but even though I came in on a more hectic day, I was still given a private area to try on my gown options with my family. I still received attention from the staff on how to go about finding the right dress and what they had in the store to pair with my dress to complete my look.


Are there any vendors that stood out to you as top notch, and why?

Kim Goodwin was my florist, and she cared about my wedding day so much it was as if she was my own mother. She made sure she had all the details right and that she understood my vision completely. I was anxious to see my flowers after just our first meeting, which was months before the wedding. She is AMAZING at what she does.


Thanks Hayley for sharing your story and giving us a glimpse into your heart and your wedding day! We wish you so many incredible years of rocking awesome love!


All of the gorgeous images were done by the incredible Pam Cooley Photography.

Until next time – XOXO,

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