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    A million little moments make up the memory of your wedding day. You might not be the journaling type, but writing the little moments down comes highly recommended by us. Our March #AdoreRealBride, Stacey, shared so many sweet wedding moments with us and we want to share a few of the highlights with you. Hopefully you’ll feel inspired to write down some of your wedding day memories after reading this <3

    The First Look

    Stacey and Jonathan did a first look so that they could share that intimate moment alone. The wedding day was very cold, so they met each other in the beautiful Pere Marquette. As you can see in the images from their first look (some of our favorite first look images every), Jonathan shed some sweet tears when he saw his bride. Stacey grabbed a few tissues out of her dress pockets and her groom said… “you think of everything!”. Pam Cooley Photography did a brilliant job capturing this time.

    Vows and The Kiss

    One of the nice things about doing a first look is that you get some of the initial tears out before the ceremony. Jonathan and Stacey were able to make it through their vows with big smiles, and a few moments of wobbly voices. When it came time for the kiss, Jonathan pulled Stacey in and she could do nothing but live in and love the moment. We love a sweet, long wedding kiss. Go for it!

    The First Dance

    Stacey is a dancer, which usually makes for a pretty great dance. Jonathan and Stacey had a choreographed dance, but that newlywed joy caused them to forget a few moves so they made them up as they went. Chemistry! Stacey chose the song for their first dance, and soon found out that her mom and dad danced to the same song at their wedding. What a special and sentimental memory.

    They danced the rest of the night away with their closest friends and family. They were the last ones to leave, which is a sure sign of a good time. After the wedding, they spent a week relaxing in beautiful Mexico…the perfect way to celebrate a wedding. We love all of these special moments and are so glad that Stacey shared them with us.

    Photographs by Pam Cooley Photography