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    So, yesterday didn’t go as planned……


    I went into the day with this very specific plan of how I was going to make the day function.  Let’s be honest I was treating myself like I do big 2 (my oldest children).  Doing the reward system.  Janice, if you sit down and get through all your emails.  Even the ones that require you to get up, print something off, fill it out, scan it, and send it back.  Then you can treat yourself with a Polar Pop.  But not until those emails are done!  Then, as you sit at your desk enjoying a refreshing Pepsi (or Coke, I really don’t have a preference) and enjoy your Pandora, you will set the timer for 2 hours and that’s how long you have to work on your next project.  After the timer has gone off you may now enjoy the La Gondola sandwich that you brought for lunch.  Then it will be time to work through that pile on your desk.  Depending on how quickly you get through all these things, there may just be time for a Dairy Queen.  Hopefully there will still be 1-2 hours left in the day where you can finish off with working on yet another project.

    Well… ended up taking me almost 3 hours just to get through emails….sorry if you were one of the people that I had put off getting back to because I got a little backlogged….Then the UPS man shows up with a pile boxes that, once stacked ,were as tall as me. OK, well, those can just go into this room, I will simply shut the door and they will be dealt with tomorrow by Lauren.  Then the FedEx man shows up with a pile of boxes equally as tall.  Ugh.  I now can’t feel good about leaving this to Lauren for tomorrow as I know I have a day stacked with meetings and will be out of the store leaving Lauren a larger pile of work than she deserves as she has her own lists she is trying to work through.

    Plans change.  Actually, plans ALWAYS change.  Why do I even try to make plans???  I could have gotten so frustrated yesterday.  And I felt myself starting too.  But then I realized I had a choice to make.  So, I asked Shaina if she wanted a soda (no, she has gone like 9 days or something without one, thanks for the guilt trip Shaina), hopped in my car and went to get my lovely refreshment.  Then I grabbed my Gondola, cranked up my Pandora station and grabbed the box cutter.

    Oh my goodness, I am SO glad I made that choice!  It turned into Christmas.





    There was this amazing combination of mother’s dresses for some beautiful ladies, some bridesmaids dresses that are going to look rocking to complete our brides look, some AHHHHmazing gowns for our AHHHHmazing Adore brides and then you betcha, some NEW DRESSES!


    We are hosting a Maggie Sottero trunk show this weekend and those dresses came a day early and boy I am so glad I opened those boxes.  So, in case you haven’t already found your dress, make sure to CLICK HERE to book your appointment today.  There are only a few left, and oh wait, I didn’t mention did I, the gowns this weekend will be here THIS WEEKEND ONLY and 15% OFF!!!!!

    Enjoy a few of these pretties to brighten your day…..

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    Talk soon!