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    Here we are again! The end of the month is here, and we just have one more blog post to feature our precious #AdoreRealBride, Carson. In July, Carson and Austin had a beautiful wedding at Metamora Fields. We were the lucky ones who were able to outfit Carson, Austin and their entire bridal party. Today we want to talk about some of the special elements that made Carson and Austin’s wedding day really meaningful to them. That’s really what it’s all about.

    The Blue Heart

    It is heartbreaking when a loved one is unable to be at your wedding.  Caron’s brother passed away when she was 16, and the last time she saw him was at her cousin’s wedding a few months before he passed away. He was wearing a blue button down shirt at the wedding. Carson’s maid of honor had a heart cut out of that shirt, and stitched into an inside layer of Carson’s wedding dress. She surprised her with this special element on the day of Carson and Austin’s wedding, so that Carson could have her brother with her on her wedding day. We cannot think of a better way to honor him. Thank you, Carson, for sharing this memory with us.

    The First Look

    Carson and Austin decided to wait and see each other as Carson walked down the aisle. So many people do a first-look, but Carson knew that she wanted that special moment as part of the wedding ceremony. The look on Austin’s face when he saw Carson coming down the aisle was just what Carson dreamed it would be…there were definitely some tears! Carson was so glad they decided to wait until this moment to see each other, as she became overwhelmed with the joy of marrying her BEST FRIEND.

    The Vows

    Okay, Carson is a funny lady. And during their tuxedo consult, we quickly realized that Austin was giving her a run for her money in the funny department. As we said before, there was always laughter at Adore when they were there <3 Carson’s vows were very personal and emotional, but of course there was a little humor thrown in. The first line of Austin’s vows was a quote from the Hangover, “how about that ride in?”. #COUPLEGOALS Laughter is one of the best elements to bring into your marriage, and we’re so glad Carson and Austin will have plenty of it. The cherry on top of the cake was a dip and kiss from the groom, who is not a fan of PDA. Best. Surprise. Ever.

    The First Dance

    Carson and Austin have moves, and they know it. There is not better time to show off your dance moves than at your wedding. The first minute of their first dance was to one of their favorite Ed Sheeran songs. Then they broke out into “Hit the Quan” and surprised the crowed with their skills. We so wish we were this cool.

    All of these incredibly special moments from Carson and Austin’s wedding day remind us why we loved working with them so much. They are fun and in love and there’s no better combination. Well, okay I guess you could make that a little better by adding two puppies and A BABY. That’s right, Carson and Austin have two new puppies (Sherlock and Tucker) and a precious little babe on the way. They are going to be AMAZING parents <3 We hope you’ve enjoyed following along with Carson as our February #AdoreRealBride this month. Thank you, Carson, for letting us be part of your story – we love you!

    Images by Osborn Photography