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    They got married!

    So, duh, of course Leigh and Mark got married.  But still, that is the feeling I think every bride has when it happens.  You work so hard, going over all the details and putting on all the finishing touches.  And yet it’s still like an, oh my goodness, we are here kind of thing!  Leigh describes herself as an extreme organizer when it came to all the details of her wedding.  But her favorite part was the paper.  Nope, that is not something you hear every day.  But Leigh is a graphic design enthusiast on the side.LM-0184

    So, Leigh grabbed ahold of this project and ran with it.  She designed the Save-The-Dates, the wedding programs, reception signage, escort cards and just about anything else you could think of.  BUT, when it came to the invitations she wanted to get help from the professionals.  There are so many options and different ways to do wordings so it is never a bad idea to call in help.  Leigh could not have been happier with how her invitations turned out designed by Kelsey and Sara at So Chic Boutique.  In fact, the team at So Chic Boutique stood out to Leigh as one of the top vendors that helped make her day the most perfect ever!


    So it’s the day….now what?

    Well, Leigh and Mark chose not to do a first look.  They went the traditional route and the first time they saw each other was when they were walking down the aisle.  Leigh describes that moment as “a bundle of emotion.”  She just couldn’t wait to get down that aisle and marry the most perfect man for her.  But at the same time, she wanted to relish and live in each and every detail.

    Leigh + Mark Leigh + Mark

    Instead of writing their own vows they went the traditional route here too.  Making that choice helped them stay maybe a little calmer and just be filled with joy instead of nervous over words.  They had exchanged letters earlier in the day before the wedding to share their personal feelings in private with each other.


    And I had to ask about the kiss, but I will let Leigh’s words speak to this one.

    “I was definitely able to live in the moment, and I think Mark was able to as well!  We actually ended up kissing maybe a little too long or passionately, because our pastor had to gently break it up before announcing us as husband and wife for the first time.”


    I LOVE IT!

    Party time!


    The reception was at the Distillery Room at The Waterhouse in downtown Peoria.  It was beyond perfect for their wedding day.  It brought the dress and the venue together to make clear that she wanted to have a vintage/1920s themed wedding.  The reception was filled with white linens and gold and glass centerpieces.  Lots of terrariums, candles and white flowers.  They kept it super classic as it really offset the colorings that they chose in the bridal party.


    How about those toasts by the maid of honor and best man?  And how about a twist when it comes to them?  Yep, Leigh and Mark are both twins!  So Leigh’s twin sister gave a toast followed by Mark’s twin brother.  It was filled with so much love, fun, emotion and laughter!

    LM-1412 LM-1421 LM-1424 LM-1448


    Janice’s favorite part?

    My favorite part of Leigh and Mark’s wedding is how they incorporated their shared passion of music into their wedding day.  After all, music is what brought them together!  From the processional and recessional being two Bach songs that they sang in the festival that they met.  They even put together a “Ceremony Choir” of their musician friends and their entire bridal party that sang “There Will I Be.”  Leigh describes it as probably one of the most tearful emotional moments in the service.  But it keeps getting better.  Mark arranged a piano version of the song “Mirrors” for their unity candle and his a cappella group sang an impromptu concert before the reception and first dance which was an a capella version of “A Thousand Years” again arranged by Mark.


    It is the fact that they incorporated things like that into their wedding day which will stand out to them and they will remember for years to come.   If you are planning a wedding now, or will be some day, please take this part to heart.  Maybe it’s not music for you, but find that thing.  That thing that you both love and cherish and find a way to incorporate that into your day.  It doesn’t matter if it’s what everyone else is doing, or if no one has ever done it before.  The day is about the two of you.  That’s it.  So make those decisions and incorporate those elements into your wedding day that are unique and perfectly yours.  Trust me, you won’t regret it!

    Leigh + Mark was both visually and musically beautiful.

    All of the beautiful images are by MSW Photos.  Leigh could not say enough good things about him and the fact that he “captured the day absolutely perfectly.”  So make sure to check out his work!

    Until next time – XOXO,