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    5 years ago I left work after a typical day of having sat in my cubicle looking at bridal designers and thinking “Some day, when I am back in bridal….”  Well, that day was a little different.  That day as I headed out to my car for the 3 minute
    drive home my thinking had changed from “some day” to “what if.”  What if instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity or the perfect store to come across my path for me to work at we simply created our own? 

    Always rememberI went home that night and shared with my husband this very random thought that I had.  I honestly don’t remember what his response was, but it was obviously not NO, because here we are 5 years later in the middle of a building project and getting ready to move Adore from our “starter home” to our “forever home.” 

    I wish that I could say the last 5 years have been filled with nothing but joy and that the process has been easy breezy.  But it hasn’t and you know what?  That has actually become one of the best parts of it. 

    I have learned to not take things for granted.  I have learned that every bride that chooses to trust us with finding her perfect gown is a gift.  What an honor it is that you would choose Adore to walk with you to make that decision. That you would trust us to help you navigate the waters of shape, style, color.  And those may seem like such simple things but really it’s so much more than that.  Planning your wedding is unlike any other “party” you will ever throw in your life.  The decisions you make, the colors you choose, the style you wear will live with you forever through memories and pictures.

    I mean, no pressure right???

    5 years later from that day that I came home and said “What if.”  I find myself sitting at work reveling in the fact that I get to do what I love every single day.  Now granted some days I have to clean the toilet and that is not something that I love…. However, Adore is something that I am insanely passionate about and that I fall madly in love with a little more eacNew things are coming!h day.   

    So for now, join me.  Join me in this journey as we continue looking forward with little bits of reflecting back.  Join me in the joys and struggles of business life, bridal store emotions and indulge in glimpses into my personal life as well.  Because for me, and what God has called me to do, those things are all interwoven together in ways that I can’t separate easily. 

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