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    It’s Fashion Friday here and to kick this series back off I wanted to start with a photo shoot we did.  First of all are the amazing shout outs.  I am so grateful for a group of wedding professionals that make my job so much easier!  There is Kristi, the owner of Kristi Lee Photographer who made this all come to life.  If you haven’t booked your photographer yet you should gander on over to her website HERE and find the contact page to get started on having her capture your wedding!  Then there is the rocking Leiana on makeup and Erin on hair.  They are both with B.Loved Stylists and I always enjoy working with them.  Their vision to life creations are amazing, but more on that later!



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    When I sat down to think about this Fashion Friday I quickly came to the conclusion that it’s all about the back!  Having an interesting back is an awesome feature that has just started happening in the past year.  And we love it!  But there is more to this that I wanted to get our brides thinking about.

    How do you make sure that everything else you do for your bridal look highlights that awesome back?  Does it automatically mean you have to wear your hair up?  Should you not wear a veil?  How does it all come together?

    So, when I talked with Erin about our amazing model Beth’s hair this is the exact topic we discussed.


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    Erin did great at giving us a little bit of both.  Although her hair is up, the light tendrils that are coming down perfectly highlight the thickness and length to the brides hair.  It also highlights the back even more, drawing even more attention to it.  And how about he perfect way that she was able to leave room for her stud earrings to stand out instead of getting lost into the hair style.  It’s just perfection.

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    On to the makeup.  Since the brides look was coming together with these very soft elements to it.  Leiana just took over like only she can.  Her makeup is flawless and adds just the right amount of natural beauty.

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    I can absolutely not take any credit for the overall look of this shoot.  That is 100% out of the creative brain of Kristi.  Once Kristi started seeing how Beth’s look was coming together she quickly grabbed me and we hopped in her car to go get flowers.  Before I knew what was happening we were attaching those flowers to fishing line and hanging them from the ceiling.  I may have thought she was a little crazy, but just look how this all turned out.
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    A common misconception is that a veil will just cover up that beautiful back.  Don’t fall into the trap of that thinking.  Our recommendation will always be a long veil so that way it does not become an accessory but instead will simply flow into the gown and become an extension of it.  We promise that no detail will be lost if the right veil is chosen.

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    GOT IT!

    OK, so now it’s your turn to take all this and start creating your perfect bridal look.  We beg of you to not fall into the traps that are so commonly set of do’s and don’ts.  There is always a way to create something that is uniquely yours.  And remember to use all these elements to highlight the favorite part of your gown instead of being afraid that you are hiding it.

    And as always, we are here to help you along the way.  Never hesitate to reach out to set up an appointment for us to help you create or finish your bridal look!


    janicePhotographer: Kristi Lee Photographer

    Hair: Erin King of B.Loved Stylists

    Makeup: Leiana Hilton of B.Loved Stylists

    Dress and Accessories styling: The Adore Bridal Team

    Model: Beth Catton