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  • Destination Wedding? Tips for traveling with your dress!

    Why we care

    We are having SO many more brides than ever that are planning destination weddings.  And that’s AMAZING and we absolutely adore seeing pictures from your amazing day and living vicariously through those pictures.  But we are also getting more and more panicked brides as how they decided to travel with their dress might not have been the best option.  So, we figured it was about time that we put some tips out there for how you can be best prepared to travel with your wedding dress.

    Step One:

    Ideally you will take your gown as a special carry on.  However, you absolutely need to call your airline to make sure they allow carry on’s like this.  Some airlines (not many, but why take that risk) do not allow gate checked carry on’s.  And that is exactly what will be happening with your gown.

    Destination Wedding 8

    Step Two:

    Call the resort or hotel where you will be staying and see if they have the ability to steam your gown for you once you arrive.  Some hotels, especially at common destination wedding resorts, will have this all figured out for you.  But you need to know it ahead of time.  Will you need to find a local dry cleaner to steam the dress for you and if so who do they recommend?  Do they have a service where they will take the dress and redeliver it to you?  Or do they have a steamer that can be delivered to your room and you assign one of your go to people to this task?  You want to know this ahead of time.

    Destination Wedding 5

    Step Three:

    Make the plan for how to travel with the dress.  There are two, and only two, ways that I can recommend you travel with your gown.  One would be to purchase a high quality garment bag.  I highly recommend a WallyBag.  They can be purchased HERE.  I know it’s pricey, but trust me, you NEED to use a bag like this if traveling with your gown.  A fabric or even plastic hanging bag that any store provides is not enough.  That gown will not just stay on the hanger and you run the risk of the hanger creating a tear in the lace or a snag in the gown.  You want that gown as secure as possible.

    Option two would be to simply use a carry on suitcase and fold that gown up nicely and it can have it’s own suitcase.  Depending on the fabric and style of your gown this can actually work out really well.  If you choose this option simply put some plastic around the dress as well so that way when you are zipping and unzipping the suitcase you don’t run the risk of the zipper snagging the dress.  Especially if you are fitting a more ball gown style bag into the carry on suitcase.

    I promise, your dress can handle being a little smushed in one of these options for the period of traveling.  That is exactly what steaming is for is to get it back to it’s perfect structure and fullness.  But the protection that one of these options far outweighs any extra wrinkling that might happen to your gown.  Wrinkles can come out.  Snags or ripped fabric cannot be repaired.

    Destination Wedding 7

    Step Four:

    Once you are at the hotel just get it out of the bag or suitcase and find someplace to hang it where it can “breath” and some of the life will simply come back into the dress if left to hang for awhile.

    You can also stick it in the bathroom, shut the door and turn on a hot shower.  It will create a natural steaming to the gown just to have some of those extra packing wrinkles fall out.  Especially for any crinoline under the gown or a tulle gown.

    Destination Wedding 3

    Step Five:

    Remember how you checked to see what your options were for getting it steamed.  Well make sure someone follows through and that happens!

    Destination Wedding 9

    Step Six:

    Put that dress on and get married!!!  Remember that you are wearing fabric and no one will notice that tiny little wrinkle that just didn’t seem to come out.  Or that one lace appliqué that appears to have come untacked on the corner from traveling.  And I guarantee you it won’t show up in pictures.  This is one of the most important days of your life, don’t waste time but getting hung up on the details. 🙂

    Destination Wedding 2

    Step Seven:

    Make sure you send us pictures!  Remember how we said we live vicariously through you?  Ummm yeah, we weren’t kidding.  We live to see our #adorerealbride pictures!  And you will save us so much time if you send us the pictures so we don’t have to stalk you on social media to find them. <3

    Destination Wedding 4

    Until next time – XOXO,







    P.S. Did you enjoy those pictures as much as we did?  They were all taken by the amazing Summer Leigha Photography. Make sure you go check her out!

    P.P.S. And in case you are thinking (or dreaming) of a destination but the options or thought of planning it overwhelm you.  Make sure to check out our good friend Angee with Vacations With Flair.  That’s where we got all those amazing resort pictures from.  She specializes in destination weddings and honeymoons and can make the decision making and planning process a breeze!

    P.P.P.S. Even if you are not flying the same travel tips still apply!!!