#AdoreRealBride – The Story of Us – December Edition

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  • #AdoreRealBride – The Story of Us – December Edition

    Tiara & Austin – The Story of Us and December’s #adorerealbride

    I so enjoyed learning more about Tiara and Austin’s story as I heard so much wisdom regardless of their years.   Most people can’t believe that a couple that met and dated in high school could stand the test of time but I believe in these two.

    Who would guess that at a high school youth gathering a simple choice of where to hide could change the direction of your life.  See, Tiara and Austin just happened to pick the same place to hide and that’s how they “met!” And that’s the thing. You never know what moment in your life will become that defining moment that sets you on a forever path.

    One year after that hide and seek game, Tiara and Austin made it official and the journey of being a couple began.

    The wonderful thing is that young love like this can have one of two things happen. We all know that we change as we get older and this change can make people grow apart or grow closer. Tiara and Austin chose to grow closer. But it’s not just something that happened. They chose it. They worked through what it means to stay a couple and even more importantly stay connected over long distance. When you deal with long distance in a relationship you realize that you have to become the best of friends. You have to trust the other person completely. You don’t need space, you have all the space in the world because of the miles between you, what you need is to stay connected and to grow deeper through communication.

    the journey


    They learned the importance of making the other persons passion a priority. For instance, Austin loves the Cubs.  So, that meant Tiara didn’t really have a choice when it came to whether or not to go to a game or not, even though she new nothing about baseball. And Austin stayed patient with Tiara’s many questions about baseball since she knew nothing about it. Now, it’s a shared passion with amazing memories.

    Tiara never experienced that aha moment as she started thinking about if Austin was the man she would spend the rest of her life with. Instead it was more of that reality that her life wouldn’t be complete without Austin in it.

    So Austin made the plan. It was going to happen on their 4-year anniversary at the outdoor ice-skating rink in Peoria. And then in classic form, Tiara figured it out and ruined the surprise. Not to just give in, Austin quickly came up with plan B. He knew that if he went into action quickly he could still shock the love of his life. So he strung blue Christmas lights on a screened in porch spelling “Will you marry me?” And on a cold December evening he coaxed her out onto the porch, dropped to one knee and proposed. And shocked she was. All Tiara could do was just keep asking “Are you serious?” Well yes, Tiara, he was!

    life after


    Tiara and Austin have made the choice to simply enjoy each other and enjoy being married. They have hopes, they have dreams but they also live in the reality that they just have to love where they are presently. Life will go by fast enough so take the time to simply enjoy exactly where you are at right now, because you will never get this time back.
    One of the best parts about Tiara and Austin’s love for each other is Tiara describing Austin’s servant heart.

    “I love his thoughtfulness. He’s always looking out for what I may want or need and provides it. Down to the smallest things. He is always looking out for others and finding ways to provide for them!”


    Stay tuned for the rest of December to continue hearing about Tiara and Austin.  We will highlight their vision for their wedding, that vision coming to life and some of the most special memories of their amazing day. And of course, a little bit about our time that we got to spend with Tiara while finding the dress she adored.

    For more information on the photographer please visit Sharon Guillote’s website HERE