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    Let’s give a warm welcome to our Adore Real Bride of August; Baylie Craig! This wasn’t our first run in with Baylie; we were blessed to have styled her big sister and a couple of her friends at Adore. They must really like us! We were so excited to see the whole clan again; and when I say clan, I mean it. It was pretty much like an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress”. I think every time Baylie came into Adore we had to bring extra chairs into the fitting area!

    “My sister and a few friends have bought their perfect wedding dresses from Adore, so I expected nothing less than amazing!”

    The “Say Yes to the Dress” Moment

    Baylie Said Yes the the Dress!We all have seen the episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” where the bride brings in the family to help pick out the perfect dress for her. Normally, this kind of situation does not play out well for the bride. Too many people can mean too many opinions but not in Baylie’s case; it was just perfect. We set her and the crew up in their own personal room and they had a ball with “yes” and “no” signs that the Mother-in-Law made! Everyone with her was so supportive of Baylie and what she wanted, letting her opinion be the most important, and then loving her and encouraging her. The problem turned out to be that Baylie looked gorgeous in EVERYTHING.
    We finally put her in a dress that was different from the style she originally wanted. Once she had the gown on, it was a jaw dropper. This is the dress! She became a bride, a beautiful woman in love.   A woman who was getting ready to marry the man of her dreams wearing this dress.

    “Janice was so helpful with making my decision. She could totally read my face as to whether I loved it or not.”

    The Unexpected

    “It was a fun and perfect day of dress shopping and I’m still obsessed with my dress!”

    It took a little bit of time for everyone to wrap their head around the fact that Baylie wasn’t wearing what she thought she was going to wear.  It happens……..when it happens you embrace the unexpected and love the moment. Maybe Baylie thought she was going to wear a different style or pick her dress, but we feel this dress choose her.  It was right there waiting for her.

    Why is the dress so important?  Finding the dress is can be this unexpected blessing which gives the bride the beginnings of the perfect wedding.  The bride is special and deserves to feel beautiful, powerful and loved on her wedding day, when she’s moving to the next stage of her life, becoming a bride to marry the best man for her. And this unexpected dress was that dress for Baylie. And then the sash and the veil to go with it? Yes, please! Sometimes as soon as you put that veil on…it really does make the bride.

    Baylie & Austin Happily Ever After

    An Aha Moment

    Almost like magic as I was working on this blog post, Adore was tagged in a beautiful post on Instagram from another one of our brides. The post reads,

    The Perfect Dress“Let me tell you about this dress. It’s been dragged through the mud, it served as a resting place for a grasshopper and one lucky little lady bug, soaked up a hundred tiny puddles from a rain storm that cleared moments before I walked down the aisle, and it’s been completely drenched with sweat. However… In this dress I have given over 200 hungs. It’s stained with my tears from laughing so hard it hurts, and from ugly-crying my way down the aisle and through my vows. It’s covered in dirt from dancing the night away with my favorite people. Yesterday was the perfect day. And this dress got me through every moment of it. In this dress, I laughed, cried, sand, danced, and LOVED harder than I ever thought was possible. Quite a spectacular dress don’t you think? It’s kind of like… Magic.” 

    This bride’s experience on her wedding day with her perfect dress is exactly what I wanted to say with our Adore Real Bride Baylie. The first step for a bride is finding that perfect dress that makes you feel perfect and ready to start a new stage. In their own perfect dresses, they will dance, cry, laugh, and sing on the best day of their lives. We love our Adore Brides and love to help you adore your dress!

    For your “Say Yes to the Dress” moment schedule an appointment at Adore now online! You could be one of the first Brides to break in our new location!