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  • #AdoreRealBride | March | Love Story

    Adore Real Bride

    Adore Real Bride

    Adore Real Bride

    It’s March, and March means that wedding season is basically tomorrow! We are so excited to see more images from #AdoreRealBride weddings, but this month we are loving on Brian and Stacey’s wedding. Jonathan and Stacey were married almost one year ago, which is crazy to believe! It seems like just yesterday we were sending off her gown for wedding weekend.

    Love Story

    Stacey and Jonathan met each other when some mutual friends set them up. It’s always a good sign when your friends think you’re a good match, because who knows you better than your friends?! For their first date, they decided to meet for coffee at Thirty Thirty Coffee in downtown Peoria. Jonathan and Stacey hadn’t spoken before their date, but they hit it off and talked for over two hours.

    Before their coffee date ended, Jonathan asked Stacey on a second date. Very sweet! Following that first date, Stacey knew that Jonathan was going to be someone very special. Then, Jonathan got appendicitis three months after that first date and Stacey really knew he was the one. In sickness and in health, right?!

    The Proposal

    After a year and a half of dating, Stacey was getting very excited about a possible proposal. One Christmas Eve, Stacey and Jonathan were celebrating Christmas with Jonathan’s family. He gave her a set of emerald earrings and a necklace. Emerald is Stacey’s favorite stone, so she was extremely grateful for this thoughtful gift. However, she was a bit discouraged because she thought this nice gift might put of an engagement a little further.

    His plan worked! The next day the two of them celebrated Christmas with Stacey’s family. Jonathan said that he needed to go to another room to get Stacey’s gift, and asked her to close her eyes. Remember, she was convinced a proposal was going to be a few months away because of the nice Christmas gift, so she protested closing her eyes. After some convincing she agreed, and when she was told she could open them Jonathan was down on one knee in front of her. So moved by this precious moment, Jonathan could barely ask the question so his soon to be bride kindly prompted him. We love that. Of course, Stacey said yes. Her family was able to snap some great pictures when they witnessed this sweet moment.

    The Best Things in Love Aren’t Things

    Stacey and Jonathan don’t go on many elaborate dates because they really enjoy traveling with friends, family and each other. They visited Florida and South Carolina with friends and family, went white water rafting and took a camping trip with friends during their dating. We think that sounds pretty fun, and we’d give up a dinner date for those fun activities!

    We knew Jonathan must be a pretty wonderful man to have a wife as sweet and kind as Stacey. There are a lot of things Stacey loves about her husband, but a few of the things she shared with us strong work ethic, his love of making their house a home and the way her turns Halloween candy into the shape of a heart before Stacey comes downstairs in the morning.

    We are so excited to share more of Stacey’s bridal story with you this month. Hope you’ll follow along. All of the photos from Jonathan and Stacey’s engagement session were taken by the lovely Pam Cooley Photography.