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  • #adorerealbride // Leigh & Mark’s story

    August bride

    We are kicking off August’s #adorerealbride with the super cute Leigh and Mark.  I love that their love story has that natural progression from one step to another.  Also, so fun to watch how all the pieces weave together in a way that only God could orchestrate.

    How they met

    They met singing in the Peoria Bach Festival at Trinity Lutheran Church.  They continued to get to know each other through mutual friends.  Then one day Mark offered Leigh the job as hand bell choir director at First Baptist Church of Peoria even though she had never even picked up a hand bell! 🙂  The congregation caught on long before Leigh and Mark did that there probably should be something more there than just colleagues.  And that is quite all right because what a great time they had getting to know each other as colleagues and working together before it became something more.

    Oh those first dates

    One World Café in Peoria was where that first date was and it lasted a long time.  They even shut the place down and had to be asked to leave because the conversation just kept going and going and going!

    Is this it?

    But just like how they came to that point of eventually dating moving into an engagement and marriage had the same natural flow.  Leigh describes that there wasn’t a lightning bolt moment where she knew he was the one, she just knew.

    “I don’t think I had a specific moment when I realized that my husband was “the one,” but I do recall always looking forward to talking with him before we were dating, and always looking forward to seeing him, even after we started dating (and even now). He has always been the person I want to go to for everything, good and bad, and I always rely on him to make me laugh, because he has the best sense of humor ever. I never wanted to go to anyone like that before, and he has always made me feel safe, at home, and very, very loved.”

    The proposal

    Mark sent Leigh on quite the hunt the day he proposed.  When Leigh returned home from visiting family in the Chicagoland area she found a night telling her to go to One World where they had that first date.

    At One World there was a note telling her to go to First Baptist Church of Peoria where they worked together.

    At the church, there was a note telling her to head to Buffalo Wild Wings which was a common place for a bite to eat between the two of them.

    But that wasn’t all.  On each leg of this journey was a CD that she played in her car that held music that either reminded her of that phase of their relationship or looked forward to the future.  The final trip from Buffalo Wild Wings was back to her apartment accompanied by a soundtrack of things to come and their special song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.  She couldn’t help but drive a little faster at that point.

    She opened the door to a beautiful dinner, that song playing on the stereo, candles everywhere and Mark down on one knee.  It was an emphatic YES!!!!! from Leigh, of course!  And one of my favorite parts was Leigh saying,

    “We may or may not have eaten the dinner afterwards……neither one of us really remembers.”
    Leigh + Mark

    Let the planning begin

    We had such an amazing time with Leigh when she came in for her Adore experience.  One of the things that I love about our time with Leigh is she got to fully move through our process and work with all the different departments of the store.  I was lucky enough to be able to have her as my bride to find the most perfect dress for her.  Then she worked with Shaina to nail down the bridesmaids.  She was really wanting a peacock feeling so we came up with some options that perfectly complimented the girls, weren’t over the top, but gave everyone just the right touches of color!  And then she moved on to working with Lauren to make sure the guys were outfitted just right to pull the whole look together!  And, of course, then there was time working with Kathie to make sure the dress was the perfect fit.

    “Right from the start, I LOVED my Adore experience! I went shopping with my parents and bridesmaids, and Janice was amazing at listening to what I wanted and letting me try on samples accordingly. I fell in LOVE with a Maggie Sottero gown, but I wanted to come back later to buy it, after really thinking about it. When I returned to buy the gown that I ADORED, Lauren let me try it on and hang out in it a bit, even letting me try different straps to go with the strapless gown and putting me in a veil so that I could get the full experience. It was amazing, and every time I came back for a fitting, everyone was so friendly and excited, and got me even more excited for my big day! Also, at what seemed like the eleventh hour, I came in for one of my fittings and I hadn’t found shoes that I wanted to buy yet. After trying on sample shoes that I liked (beautiful Badgley Mischka platform heels), one of the amazing people at Adore handed me a catalog for Badgley Mischka shoes after noticing that I didn’t want to take the samples off. I ended up ordering the same pair in a gorgeous royal blue that ended up being absolutely perfect! Overall, my Adore experience was amazing, and I would recommend Adore to any bride!”

    A few details

    A little tribute to Leigh's mother's veil that has been worn for LM-0450

    We will get more into Leigh’s wedding and reception next week but for now I want to share with you two details that I think were incredible that they incorporated into their day.  Leigh wore her mother’s veil on her wedding day.  And what I love about it is I distinctly remember her telling us before she came in how important this was to her.  Literally, as in she told us that she doesn’t care if the veil matches her dress or not she is wearing it! J  But doesn’t it look STUNNING with her gown.  Oh goodness, it was too perfect.  And Mark carried a pocket watch that was his Great-Great-Grandfathers!  Two things that they will remember and cherish forever.  What a great choice that was.


    All images are by Matthew Steed Wilson Photography

    Until next time – XOXO,