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  • #adorerealbride // Jacque & Sean – Part 1

    Let’s begin

    I loved, nope, I ADORED having Jacque as one of our brides.  As I learned more about Jacque and her wedding there was something specific that stuck out to me.  Jacque fully admits that details are just not her thing.  Most all the questions that I asked about the details of her wedding had short, straight forward answers.  Not because she didn’t love her wedding.  Because, trust me, she did.  But because the parts where she gushed and went on and on was the emotion with all of it.  How it felt to marry her guy.  How thankful she was for all the love that was poured out on them on their wedding day.


    So, then I started thinking about what I wanted to focus on in their 2 part #adorerealbride story.  And then I started looking at the images from their wedding day, caught by the oh so talented Pam Cooley Photography and I just knew.  So today we are going to dive into the details of her wedding.  Just knock it all out.  Show you the beauty and explain the details that brought their day together in the most perfect way.  Next time I must share their story.  Because to hear Jacque talk about her new husband and their story just brings a smile to my face.  And the love between them in their bride and groom images.  Oh, my yes, you must see them for yourself.

    Favorite things

    When I asked Jacque what was her favorite and least favorite part of planning her wedding number two was the dress!  And it was even a close number two for her! Of course, number one was family and friends and also of course the least favorite part was the details!


    I want to share more about Jacque’s Adore experience from her perspective but also from the notes that Chyanne took the day that she helped Jacque find her dress.  I think it’s more fun for you to read their words than mine!



    I had a fabulous experience working with Adore. Before my appointment, I had an extended phone conversation with one of the stylists who really helped me define what I was looking for in a dress and what was important to me. She then shared some pinterest pages with available dress styles and was able to assemble a collection of dresses for me to try before I even walked in the door. The first dress I tried on ended up being the dress I picked, but it was one that I never would have picked on my own! The ladies at Adore are so helpful and knowledgeable and knew more about what I wanted out of a wedding dress than I did!

    We did our bridesmaid dresses and tuxes with Adore (and Xedo) and they were also wonderful and easy to work with. Especially when all of our bridal party were out of town, they made it easy to have the outfits shipped to them and properly fitted well before the big day.



    What a doll. So sweet. We put her in Salena, and she loved it. Mom loved it, sister loved it. Grandma was a hoot. We tried a few others, but she just couldn’t get salena out of her mind. We put her back in it, and she started crying and goes “I just love it so much” that got everrrryone. Probably went through half the kleenex. They also looked at the dessy strapless (2928) in the Lapis color. With the darker grey tuxes from Allure. I explained the xedo process and they LOVE that idea. Think it’s the coolest thing ever. She’s also a diamond bride! Her and her hubby are going to be doctors. What a couple.

    And another element to this that I just love is that Jacque actually wrote to us on Pinterest when she saw Salena (her dress) saying “I love the lace and fit of the second one (Salena)!  Not sure how I feel about full sleeves.”


    Well, we know how you should feel about full sleeves because you looked stunning!

    The rest of the details

    The other detail that they paid attention to was the shade of blue for the bridesmaids which then pulled everything else together.  They both love blue, but didn’t want it too bright and didn’t want it to wash everyone out.  The bridesmaid color they settled on was called Sailor and it was spot on!  As Jacque said it especially brought out her man’s eyes…..there she goes bringing it back to the guy again, seems like she really likes him or something!


    An outdoor wedding was really important to both of them and as soon as they went and saw Luthy Botanical Gardens they knew it was the right choice.  The background floral details just made for perfection on their wedding day.


    The reception was held at Country Club of Peoria and they could not have had a better experience with them.


    The cake was from Sam’s Club and Jacque made sure to mention that it was one of her favorite parts of her wedding day.  Sure looks like it was yummy and fun!



    But seriously, details, details, details.  Yes, they are important (and thankfully Jacque had her INCREDIBLE mom act as her florist and wedding planner to pull it all together) but it’s not the MOST important thing.  It’s the fact that Jacque married the most perfect man for her on May 17th of this year.  That they are now joined in an awesome and amazing covenant called marriage.  And that they get to do life together, for as long as they both shall live.  More on that next week on the #adorerealbride blog!


    All of the images were done by the awesome Pam Cooley Photography.

    Until next time – XOXO,