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  • #adorerealbride // Jacque & Sean // Emotions are everything

    Jacque & Sean // Part 2

    To be able to understand and see the joy in Jacque and Sean’s wedding day you have to understand the emotion behind it.  And once you do it will make seeing all the physical beauty they placed into their wedding day that much more beautiful.  So let’s learn about that love that brought Jacque and Sean together (and of course enjoy some beautiful pictures as well).  Won’t you dive into their story with me from Jacque’s words.


    How did you and your husband meet?

    My husband and I met in our first year of medical school. We unknowningly both moved into the same apartment complex and started hanging out the week before we started. We started to find more and more similarities and shared interests the more we interacted. By the end of our second week of classes we were officially dating =)


    Tell me about your first date.

    Our first official date actually occurred about 1 month into our relationship. We decided to go exploring and stumbled upon a nearby small town’s annual apple festival. We tried various forms of pie desserts and drinks, with the apple pie milkshake being our favorite. We did the stereotypical ride on the ferris wheel (with adorable kiss at the top) and he even won me a blue stuffed monkey at a carnival game stand. That monkey has survived 2 moves and 1 puppy, and still sits on our shelf as a reminder of our first date.


    When did you know your husband was “the one?”

    Honestly, I don’t know if I could pinpoint the exact time that I knew, but I could tell you when I told him. We were laying on the couch together, both silent, when we both suddenly burst out “I love you!” After the initial shock and subsequent giggles, we both expressed how much we cared about the other and were so glad that the other felt the same way!


    Tell me about the proposal from your point of view (details please!)

    Over the course of relationship, Sean had never been shy about his intentions of marrying me. As I was a few years younger, I had at first felt that I was too young for marriage at this point in my life. Then the more I thought about it, I realized that it seemed silly to be ready to become a physician but not ready to spend the rest of my life with the man I love.

    Around Christmas, we went and stayed with my family for a few days, as we always celebrated Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with his. As the holidays drew closer, Sean started acting more secretive, going on “errands” but offering no explanation. As it was close to Christmas, I rationalized that he was probably working on getting Christmas presents for my family and I, but a little part of me began to hope that this truly was the time he was going to propose! Of course I had to keep rationalizing it away, but I never stopped hoping that it would happen over the holidays.

    The morning of December 23, Sean woke me early and instructed me to get dressed, but would give no details as to our morning plans. We then got in the car, where I was blindfolded and driven to an unknown location. We ended up driving around about an hour, leaving me bewildered as to where in the world he might be taking me. With each passing minute I grew more and more excited, but tried to maintain a calm and sophisticated demeanor (totally didn’t work, but I tried!).

    Then, he finally pulled over and helped me out of the car. It was raining and he helped guide me over to a beautiful lookout on Grandview Drive. He removed my blindfold to reveal a beautiful sunrise picnic! When I turned around to hug him, I found him down on one knee!!! I of course blurted out “yes!” and didn’t even realize until about 10 minutes later that our good friend was there photographing the entire event!

    I later learned that Sean and our friend had been planning this proposal for months; the picnic, the location, the whole shebang. But the morning of, it would not. stop. raining. That was why Sean had driven me around blindfolded for an hour, as they texted back and forth hoping that the rain would stop. Eventually, they had decided to proceed and were able to make an amazing day more memorable with our beautiful proposal in the rain.

    IMG_7977 IMG_7980 IMG_7991 IMG_7998 IMG_8007

    Describe that first look moment when you and your man saw each other for the first time.

    O my goodness, I can’t describe it without tearing up! We decided to do our first look by exchanging letters to each other, reading them, and then turning around to see one another. It was an overwhelming emotional experience, expressing our love to each other and then turning to see how we looked on our big day (side note: we both looked damn good) =)


    Were the vows filled with emotion, or simply filled with joy (or a terror that you would mess up the words!)?

    We had both decided to share our most intimate vows in our first look letter, and then a more abbreviated version during the ceremony. However, I hate speaking in front of people, so I definitely experienced a little stage fright when it was my turn. But then I looked into his eyes, and was able to get through it..but not without accidentally swearing during it. Which got a good laugh from everyone and helped me get through!


    What do you admire most about your husband?

    I admire his passion and determination, his dorky sense of humor, and his devotion to his family. He has worked so hard and overcome many challenges to reach his goal of becoming a physician and I am truly inspired but all that he does. But then we are also able to nerd out over our favorite movies and books, sharing our craziest fan theories and predictions without judgment.


    Thanks Jacque for sharing your story and giving us a glimpse into your heart.  What a beautiful thing that is.  We wish you so many incredible years of rocking awesome love!

    All of the gorgeous images were done by the incredible Pam Cooley Photography.

    Until next time – XOXO,