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    Meet Carson

    We like to think that every month is full of love, but we are excited to ring in the “official” month of love by introducing you to our February #AdoreRealBride, Carson. As soon as we met Carson, we knew we wanted to be part of her bridal story because she is so full of life and love. She had us laughing every time she came to the store! Carson married her dream guy, Austin, in July. We had the privilege of getting to know Austin as well, while designing the tuxedo look for their wedding.

    How they Met

    Carson and Austin met at a skatepark when Carson was 10 years old. Yes! That day, Carson asked Austin to be her boyfriend and he told her she was a weird kid, and to go away. Who would have EVER thought that those two would end up married one day?! Love it. They had their first date several years later. Carson knew after their first date that Austin was someone she could never let go.

    The Proposal

    Carson was at one of her sorority meetings one night. There was a candle pass that night, which is a special ceremony that they do when someone gets pinned, engaged or pregnant. The candle went around the circle one time, and that was for their sorority sisters who have fallen. The second time the candle went around the circle for sorority sisters who had been pinned that night. By the time the candle was going around the circle for the fourth time the suspense had built – who was engaged?! Carson’s friend was sitting next to her and turned the candle off (they had to use fake ones) and threw the candle at Carson. Carson started celebrating because she thought that meant her friend was engaged. All of the sudden the “awwwwwes” started and Carson looked up to see Austin walking into the room. Is that not the sweetest?! Of course, Carson said yes!

    The Wedding Gift

    And if you weren’t already obsessed with the love these two share, wait till you hear what Austin gave Carson as a wedding gift. A puppy. That’s right. Dreams do come true. He gave her a puppy as a wedding gift, and they named him Sherlock. Are you a puddle of tears by now? Yeah, we are too…

    Over the next few weeks we are going to share the details of Carson’s bridal experience – the dress, the maids and the men. We can’t wait to show you images from their stunning wedding. Thank you to Osborn Photography for sharing these beautiful images from their engagement session.