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  • #AdoreRealBride | February | The Dress

    Let’s talk about Carson’s dress. That’s what we really want to talk about, isn’t it? Carson’s dress is pretty incredible and we had so much fun helping her pick it out. Carson came to Adore with an amazing group of women who love her really well. We were all super cozy in one of the bridal suites and the dress finding process began. There wasn’t a certain style that Carson was set on going in to her appointment. We tried several different styles and quickly realized that she was a big fan of fit n’ flare.

    One of Carson’s maid of honors was out in the show room while we were getting Carson into another dress. Our Harley gown caught her eye and she asked me to come and look at it to see what I thought. DUH! That is what I thought…this was so Carson’s dress. I took the Harley gown into the fitting room before Carson even had a chance to look at it. When she saw herself in the mirror, she didn’t just like what she saw, she loved it.

    But as always, she wanted to see the dress all jacked up to have a better feeling of the look. We grabbed all of the good stuff, but the most important item was the belt. We tried several different belts. The simplicity of her dress allowed us to have a lot of freedom with the style and size of the accessories. Carson fell in love with a beautiful opal beaded belt that truly completed the look. Among her best ladies Carson said YES to the dress. And she was absolutely beautiful – truly striking.

    Finding the dress should never be hard or frustrating. It’s important to be open minded. Don’t spend too much time imagining yourself in a certain dress or style because that might not be what you fall in love with. And you’ll have a hard time allowing yourself to fall for the true dress you love. As we mentioned, Carson was very open minded coming in to her appointment and that allowed her to enjoy the entire process. We can’t wait to help you fall madly in love with the dress you adore.

    Thank you to Osborn Photography for the beautiful images!