#AdoreRealBride – January – Favorite Wedding Moments

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  • #AdoreRealBride – January – Favorite Wedding Moments

    We have absolutely loved spending our January with our January #AdoreRealBride, Brittany. It is so hard to believe that this time next week January will be in the past and the month of love will be here! Brittany was the perfect bride to kick off our year, and if you missed any of her blog posts we would love to have you go back and read them before we dive into her favorite wedding day moments in today’s post. The first week of January we talked about how Brittany and her husband, Dallas, met. They have a sweet, fun love story that you can read here. The second week of January we told you the story of how we met Brittany. You can read about her bridal story here. And you can get a sneak peak into Brittany’s wedding planning experience here.

    Now that we know so much about Brittany’s bridal experience it’s time to talk about the wedding moments that shine the brightest to Brittany. It is so easy to get wrapped up into the planning and the details of the wedding. Sometimes we are so invested in how our wedding day will look that we forget the true meaning behind it. That’s why we like to end each month with our real bride’s favorite wedding moments. We want to end the month on the true meaning of the wedding day, and that’s the love between the bride and the groom.

    First Dance

    The first dance is such a sweet time between the bride and groom, but it can also be a bit uncomfortable because you know that everyone is watching you. At least, everyone should be watching you.  Brittany absolutely loved their first dance, for a very fun-loving reason. Dallas hates being the center of attention, so that dance put him a bit out of his comfort zone and Brittany ate it up. Love it! Brittany also had a dance with her dad, which was a bit more tender. It always is!

    The After Party

    After the wedding ceremony, the whole bridal party headed to a local bar to let loose and celebrate before the big party began. We love the idea of taking some time to raise a glass with your very best. It’s a great way to calm the nerves that might still be lingering from the ceremony.

    Loved Ones

    One of the wedding moments that stood out to Brittany the most, was realizing that so many people they loved were in the same room. Weddings are likely the only time in your life that so many of your loved ones will be in the same place, and that’s not to be taken for granted. How wonderful to know that everyone there loves you right back, and is ready to support you as you journey into marriage.


    We have absolutely loved getting to know Brittany, and taking a look into her life as bride. It’s encouraging to see how she handled wedding planning with such grace, and kept her focus on the marriage. Although fun was always a key player! Thank you, again, to Dallas and Brittany for sharing with us. And thank you to Julie Morr Photographer for sharing the incredible images from their wedding day! Absolutely stunning!